Why should I perform an exSPIREment?

Don't you want to look back on your life and say to yourself, "Hey, I'm not perfect, but I've helped myself grow towards my potential each and every day of my life.  I've done all I can to help myself become who I want to be."  That's what an exSPIREment is.  It's a way for you to grow and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.  It expands your boundaries.  It helps you realize who you are, what you are capable of, and what you want to aspire towards.  We should always strive toward self-improvement, and an exSPIREment is a way to do that.  It's completely self-directed, meaning any changes you make to your life are a result of your own findings.  It's an individualized prescription towards the lifestyle that YOU want to live.

How do I perform an exSPIREment?

Simple.  Choose something you are curious about changing-- maybe it's watching less TV, maybe it's becoming a morning person, maybe it's scheduling time to pray each day, etc.  Challenge yourself to perform an experiment in which for one month you will follow through 100% on whatever it is you decide to do.  After your one month is over, you can revert to your original lifestyle or you can make changes based on what you've learned through your self-discovery experiment.

So what exactly does an exSPIREment entail?

An exSPIREment is a two-month self-discovery experiment.  
Month 1: total immersion
Month 2: recovery, incorporating any lessons learned into normal life and establishing new, sustainable habits
I've chosen a one month total immersion because they say it takes about 3 weeks to form a habit, meaning those first 3 weeks may be a struggle.  The fourth week should feel a little more natural.  One month is a discrete, manageable amount of time.  

Join me as I undertake my own exSPIREments:

October/November 2013- Read the newspaper each day
December/January 2014- Meditate every day 
February/March 2014- No TV
April/May 2014- Hang out with a friend once per week
June/July 2014- No processed sugar
August/September 2014- No electronics 1 hour before bed
October/November 2014- Track everything I eat

Each week, I will post an entry reflecting on my progress and anything I've learned from my exSPIREment.  

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