Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Pearl Earring

A funny thing happened to me yesterday: I was rewarded for following through.

As I brushed my hair in the morning, I noticed one ear was missing its pearl stud earring.  I pretty much always wear earrings- when I sleep, when I shower, when I exercise.  Honestly, I think my ears look funny without them.  I hastily glanced around the bathroom floor but didn't see anything shimmer.  "Oh no, it must have fallen down the drain while I was showering," I thought to myself.  "I guess that's going on the Christmas list."  I was pretty bummed.  I've had these simple earrings for about 5 years, and they were one of my few pairs that still had both of their backs (impressive, I know).  Plus, pearls match every outfit.

As I was showering, I made a mental list of the few chores I wanted to complete that evening.  Specifically, I planned to do 1 load of laundry, put away dishes, and try (for the second time) cleaning the shower tile grout with bleach.  The bleach helped significantly last week, but the grout was still dingy in several spots, so I decided to try again.  

You see, when I come home from lab, I normally konk out on the sofa.  I find it hard to motivate myself to do anything productive (hence the reason I switched to morning workouts).  Yesterday, before even letting myself sit down, I popped in a load of laundry and started spraying down the shower.  As I let the bleach sit, I emptied the dishwasher.  Then, it was time to scrub and rinse the shower.  For this, I grabbed the scrub brush and gloves located in a bucket under our bathroom sink.  Wait, what's that nestled in the rag in the bucket?  

My earring!  

I have no idea how the earring got in there; the bottom of our sink is open (it was designed so that a wheel chair could fit under it), but the bucket is normally completely under the sink so that it can't be viewed without looking underneath the counter.  Maybe it's chance.  Maybe it's a small smile from God for following through.  I dunno.  All I do know is that there is no way I would have found that earring if I didn't follow through on my planned chores.

For once, I completed all my evening chores!  And in return, I got back my earring (and the satisfaction of having motivated myself to do something productive).

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