Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oct-Nov exSPIREment: Read the Newspaper, episode 3

I'm just over two weeks into my exSPIREment to read the newspaper every day.  At this point, the novelty has worn off, and it is an obligation.  I feel like I am reading the same things over and over, and maybe it is just particularly frustrating in light of the repeated articles on the government shut down and the circular negotiations that seem to be taking place.  I find myself completely skipping the Marketplace and Investing sections to more thoroughly read the main section.  I still have not found an adequate online source for my weekend reading (this past weekend I happened to stumble upon the weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal in a hotel).  All that said, I do know that reading the newspaper has improved my knowledge of current events.  I just wonder whether I could be getting this information in a more efficient manner.  I'm not sure the whole reading-and-walking thing is the greatest idea as I'm going into work in the morning.  

Does anyone know of any news streaming apps that I could listen to as I walk to work?   

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