Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oct-Nov exSPIREment: Read the Newspaper, episode 1

Today marks the first day of my first exSPIREment!  The concept for exSPIREments stemmed from the unexpected success of my attempt to turn myself into a morning exerciser.  What started as a small self-study turned into a new, healthy, sustainable habit.  More than two months later, I'm proud to wipe the sweat off my forehead and fulfill an accomplishment before 7am.  Invigorated by my success, I wondered what else I could change about my lifestyle.  What other healthy habits could I adopt?  Where am I failing to meet my potential?  

And so I created the exSPIREment.  You can learn more about the concept on the exSPIREment page by clicking the tab or the link above, but in brief, an exSPIREment is a two month personal discovery experiment.  The first month is total immersion and the second month is applying lessons learned and adapting your lifestyle as you see fit.  

Upon reflection, I realized I do not keep myself very well informed on current events and relevant issues.  I shy away from politics and world news and feel like I'm the last to know about national or international events.  I often find myself without an opinion, or even worse- apathetic, because I haven't followed the news.  I'd like to be able to contribute to more engaging conversations.

Right as I had these realizations, we began receiving the Wall Street Journal at our door every weekday morning.  The newspaper is included in Nick's business school tuition.  What a perfect opportunity to use my available resources and strengthen a personal weakness!  

During this month of October, I will read the newspaper every day.  On weekdays, I will read the Wall Street Journal that is delivered to our door.  On weekends, I will browse digital newspapers.

I hypothesize that 
1. I will feel more comfortable participating in discussions about politics and world events
2. I will improve my ability to navigate a newspaper and skim articles
3. I will learn something new or generate a new idea inspired by my readings

I expect potential pitfalls to be 
1. identifying a consistent time of day to read the paper,
2. convincing myself to read (or at least skim) the articles that at first bore me, 
3. feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of information on various topics, and
4. settling on a digital newspaper to browse on the weekends.

Follow along or join with me as I embark on this journey!  I plan to post once a week about the experience.

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