Sunday, August 4, 2013

Philadelphia Eagles Line Drill Warm-Up

Last Sunday (July 28), Nick and I went to the Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp-- their first public practice.  It was my first time watching a professional football practice (or actually, any football practice), so I found it really interesting!  Honestly, I enjoyed watching all their drills more than watching a game.  They had such intense music blasting the entire practice, and everything seemed so well-orchestrated.  I turned to Nick at one point and said that watching them reminded me of watching the movie Fantasia.  Who else remembers that scene where there are a bunch of brooms running around?  

Ok, watching that scene again after like 20 years... maybe the football players weren't exactly like the brooms, but still.  You get the point.  Right?  They were all over the field doing a million different drills.  It really was like a symphony... in massive, sweaty, football player form.  And hardcore, stereotypical weight room pump-up music in place of violins.  

For most of the practice, the players were split into groups based on their positions.  The only time they were really all together was at the very beginning when they were doing their line drill warm-up.  

<Blast from the past: how many hours of my life have I spent doing line drills across the gymnastics floor?  Too many to count.  Handstand walks, handstand forward roll to a pike stand (bend your legs ever and you get yelled at), back extension rolls, cartwheels both sides, back-walkovers, front-walkovers, back-handsprings, etc. etc.  Pretty much every practice, with the emphasis on form for these basics.>

I used the unique opportunity to learn some new agility drills from the players, and I jotted down their line drill warm-up.  It really was neat learning some skills from another sport.  

I incorporated this warm-up into my own work-out one morning.  It did its job to get my heart pumping and joints loosened up.  

In other news, 3 weeks down and I'm STILL going strong in my morning workouts!  I've consistently worked out from 6:15-7am for 5-6 days for the past 3 weeks (1 or 2 days for rest each week).  Much better record than when I was trying to exercise in the evenings.  I'm still sleeping in my exercise clothes and prepping the night before- it really helps me motivate myself to get out of bed in the morning.  

What other line drills do you do?  Do you incorporate any football drills into your exercise routine?  Have you challenged yourself to morning workouts yet?

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