Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quick Circuit Workouts

Today's workout was a combination of 2 circuits:

Explanation of Exercises

Push-Ups: self-explanatory
Make it easier: push-ups on your knees
Make it harder: add a clap as you spring off your hands

Mountain Climbers: read about my version of Mountain Climbers on a previous post.  
Make it easier: no jumping, just do alternating forward lunges
Make it harder: add ankle weights, add 3 small pulses at the bottom of the lunge

Rolling Tuck-Opens: read about normal tuck-opens on a previous post.  Do one normal tuck-open and then do one full log roll (roll from your back, to your stomach, to your back) and do a second tuck-open.  Then, log roll back the other direction.  Each tuck-open is one rep.  During your log roll, try to keep your feet and arms elevated so they never touch the ground; you should pass through a superman position.  The benefit of adding the roll is that it forces your entire core to be engaged, including your back (which we often forget about).   
Make it easier: do a normal crunch instead of a tuck-open
Make it harder: switch from a tuck-open to a v-up

Vertical Push-Ups: any modification of a handstand push-up that you like so that the top of your head always gently lowers to the ground (not your chest).  Options include the following (in order of difficulty): a full handstand push-up (most difficult), a piked hand-stand push-up (feet are elevated on a bench so your legs form a 90 degree angle with your upper body), push-up with your knees on a stability ball, pyramid push-up so that you are in a downward dog-like position (butt sticking up in the air).

Sumos: legs spread wide (like a sumo wrestler), feet turned out.  Plie (deep squat).  As you stand back up, lift a leg as high as you can to the side, so you end balancing on a fully extended stance leg and your other leg is out to the side to work your glutes.  Return to deep squat and repeat on other leg.
Make it easier: wait to lift leg until you have stood up completely, use a chair for balance
Make it harder: add a hop, add ankle weights

Plank Hold: self-explanatory
Make it easier: decrease the time
Make it harder: increase the time, add alternating knee-to-elbows, balance on one leg (switch legs half-way through)    

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