Friday, March 1, 2013

30 Minute Workout for Those Who Get Bored Easily

It is Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge!  Have you gotten your 30 minutes of exercise?  

Today I was feeling particularly tired and unfocused (slept really poorly last night because of the crazy shooting and police chase not far from where I live, Nick is off celebrating the last of his bachelorhood in Vegas right now leaving my mind wandering, today is exactly 3 months until the wedding and there is still plenty left to do, and I'm starting to get a little drained from the last 2 weeks of hunkering down in lab).  Regardless, the 30 Day Challenge says no excuses, so off to the gym it was.

As a part of my 10k race training, today was a cross-training day.  I needed something that wouldn't fight my unfocused mood, so I designed this 30 minute combination of cardio and strength training, perfect for those who get bored easily:    

This workout works in bursts of cardio to rev your metabolism and keep your heart rate elevated for maximal benefits.  I chose to do 3 different cardio exercises, but you could choose to do the same cardio activity for each round if you like.  Although I label the strength segments as upper body, lower body, and core, these exercises are all compound exercises that work multiple muscles at once, again maximizing your benefits.  For example, not only do push-ups work your chest and triceps, but they also work your core, and deadlifts exercise your hamstrings in addition to your back.  Aim to complete as many sets as you can using proper form for each strength session.      

You can find explanations of gymnastics mountain climbers and plank hip taps on my previous posts. 

Both our minds and our bodies get bored when we repeat the same exercise routine each day.  Once our body adapts to a routine, we begin to plateau, so it's important to incorporate variety into your workouts.  

How do you avoid boredom in your workout routines?

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