Monday, February 25, 2013

10k Race Training

10k training has officially begun, as of today.  As I've said before, I have this life goal of running a 10k.  Not a 10 mile, not a half marathon, not a marathon.  Just 10 kilometers, which is 6.2 miles.  To me, that's a lot... and enough.

I signed up for the Novi Memorial Day Run.  I was originally going to sign up for the Dash for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness run in Philly (the same run I signed up for last year but kept getting sick and couldn't train, so I didn't attend), until I realized that the Novi run would be even better for a few reasons:

1. Cheaper registration fee.
2. I will be going home the week before our wedding, and that just so happens to be Memorial Day weekend... perfect!
3. The whole family is going to join, and we're going to have a picnic afterward.  Quality time.
4. We are close family friends with the event organizer (that family is actually throwing me a bridal shower).
5. If I start training now, I'll be training up until the wedding, so it's great motivation to keep me exercising.

Once I decided on a race, it was time to decide on a training plan.

This time, I chose to go with Jeff Galloway's 10k training schedule.  This plan is 13 weeks of training, beginning at a long run of two miles and working up to 7 miles before cutting back the three weeks before the race.  I liked this plan because, while I'm pretty terrified of running 7 miles, I feel like it provides ample training time.  If I complete this training as planned, I will be pretty proud of myself for completing a 7 mile run!  Additionally, on the specified cross-training days, I can incorporate strength training, like I did today.

This was today's cross training workout:

Plank sliders: On carpet, place a piece of plastic (like a frisbee, slick disposable plate, or furniture sliders) under your feet as you assume a plank position.  Make sure the item you choose is light-weight, slides easily on carpet, and is durable.  Lift your butt in the air as you allow your feet to slide forward towards your hands, ending in a position similar to downward dog.  Keep your legs straight.  Slide back out to a plank position.  That's 1 rep.  
Make it easier: Hold a plank position with the slider under your feet; bend your legs as you bring your feet to your hands.  
Make it harder: Pull against a resistance band, increase the friction, or increase the reps.

Side plank sliders: Similar to plank sliders, but assume a side-plank position on carpet with the slider under your feet.  Bend your knees to pull your feet towards your upper body.  Slide back out to a side plank position.  That's one rep.  
Make it easier: Simply hold a side plank position with the slider under your feet. 
Make it harder: Hold your top arm straight in the air.  Pull against a resistance band, increase the friction, or increase the reps.     

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Who else is doing the Novi Memorial Day Run with me?

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