Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Total Body Circuit Training

I'm sharing the total body circuit that I did on Saturday and am still feeling today... sore butt, hamstrings, quads, back, abs, and chest.  I'd say that's a pretty complete workout.  Each mini circuit provides a combination of upper body, lower body, and core exercises.

Let me clarify a few of the exercises.

Gymnastics "mountain climbers": In gymnastics, we always used to call jump switch lunges "mountain climbers."  It wasn't until after I explored many workout classes upon finishing my gymnastics career that I learned that "mountain climbers" can also refer to an exercise similar to high knee running while in a plank position.  For the mountain climbers in this circuit, you start in a lunge position, spring into the air while switching legs, and land back in a lunge position with your other leg in front.  It's a great way to pack in a little cardio while shaping a hot tush and legs.  Just make sure to control you landings (no knee busting on the ground) and keep your front knee behind your toes to reduce risk of knee injury.

Tuck-opens: These are another exercise borrowed from gymnastics that translates in the non-gymnastics world as well.  This is an ab exercise.  You begin on your back with your upper and lower body off the floor (balancing on the small of your back, abs engaged).  Your tuck your knees in, and then extend back out to an open position, as the name implies.

Stability ball pike-ups: (aka "pooch-be-gone")  I've talked about these before in a previous post.  Awesome lower ab exercise that targets the famous belly "pooch."   

Let me know what you think!   


  1. I love circuit training. I get bored so easily and I'm going to try this today! Thanks for posting!

    1. The stability ball pike-ups were a lot harder than I expected! I loved this workout.

    2. Yeah, they are definitely a difficult move, but (once you can keep your balance) you can feel them working deep in your abs! Glad you liked the circuit!