Saturday, November 3, 2012

Unity through Disaster: Hurricane Sandy Recap

It's been less than a week since Sandy busted through the East coast, bringing disaster and unity.  The compassion that people show for one another during a time of need is inspiring.  Below is a combination of images, posts, and re-posts that Facebook friends have shared.  Be inspired by the positive and good that you see.

RS: One way to help the hurricane relief effort if you DON'T live in the NYC area: If you can give blood, please consider doing so! The hurricane forced the Red Cross to cancel more than 240 blood drives in the Northeast.

JH: Come if you are around tomorrow!

CS: We are still somehow without power although most of downtown has been restored, but it's a beautiful day on the upper west side and I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends that have helped me through this week!
Image courtesy of Chelsea Selden

RS: riverside park is alive and well. new yorkers are a resilient breed!
Image courtesy of Rebecca Sunde

KE: Donating blood!

AJ: east coast peeps - stay safe

DY: Stay safe East Coast!

Random act of kindness.  Image courtesy of NBC Washington.

XS: really hope new york comes out of this storm alright

MC: I sure hope this is just a Miguel Bloombito overreaction. May the frankenstorm be only as fierce as Irene (when it didn't even rain yet many were evacuated and LGA was closed) and require only as much man-power as a NY snowstorm (when there are two feet of snow and zero snowplows).

SP: Happy Hurricane Day! Hope everyone stays safe.

SY: my thoughts are with you east coasters! hoping you stay safe and your world normalizes soon. keep updating; it is good to know you are okay!

Hoboken, NJ- seen this re-posted a few times on FB, not sure where the original image is from.

RA: To all friends up North, please be safe, stay warm, and stay in tomorrow.

SC: New Jersey brahs, please stay safe out there!

MG: Irene, it was only when Sandy came and took my house away that I realized I loved you most!

Seen this re-posted a few times in FB, not sure who took the original image.

JG: We just got power back and the whole neighborhood is cheering. WOOOOOOOO

MZ: Hoping that all of my family and friends stay safe during the next few days out East! Sandy is looking interesting....

GJ: ...thinking of my East Coast friends - stay safe, folks.

LH: NYC friends - the Upper West Side still has power (and now internet!) and my fridge is full, so please come on over if you need anything!

CS: Just an update: although we are still without power, we are just fine. We weren't affected by the nearby Con Ed explosion and although still flooded, the water is receding on Avenue C.
Prayers for those who have it much worse than us and fingers crossed that we get electricity soon!!

JH: It's all good in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. We have power and it's not even raining here... I hope everyone is safe!

PH: From a city full of white for Sensation to a city full of darkness... This place really does move fast

Image courtesy of Chelsea Selden

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