Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spend the Afternoon

Good morning!  It is a beautiful Saturday here in Philadelphia.  As I sit here thinking about how I will spend my day, I remember a quote that I came across in my calendar a couple days ago:   
"Spend the afternoon.  You can't take it with you." -Annie Dillard

I'm sure each of us has forgotten to "spend the afternoon" too many times in our life.  We think to ourselves that we'll cash in on those saved moments later, that we can add them all up like spare change in a piggy bank.  If we represent a moment in time by a single seed on a dandelion, we assume too often that the wind will never shake those seeds away, that the seeds will remain as they are until we decide to use them.  

Unfortunately, life does not work like that.  We can't be sure that we will have a "later" to cash in those saved afternoons, and even if we do, it seems that other things will always get in the way, forcing us to postpone even further.  Instead, we must focus on living the present moment.  "Living" is not the same thing as "experiencing."  "To experience" is a much more of a passive verb; it is something that happens to you.  "To live," on the other hand, requires your active participation.  It requires you to consciously decide how to spend each moment so that we ensure our life is lived to its potential.

How are you spending your afternoon today?

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