Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spa Water

When I go to restaurants, I'm the type of person that never asks for lemon with my water.  I've always enjoyed my water "plain."  

...That is, until I learned about "spa waters."  

For those who have never heard of "spa water," it's a fancy term that simply refers to fresh fruit (and sometimes herb or flower)-infused water.  Essentially, it's having a slice of lemon with your water... but it doesn't have to be lemon!  Man, have I led a sheltered life until now!  A whole new world of non-lemon options has been opened for me.

Benefits of Spa Water

Why bother experimenting with and drinking spa water?  Here's a list of some spa water benefits:

Spa Water Flavors

As I mentioned in a previous post, each building at Travaasa Austin has a different type of "spa water," so during this vacation I was able to experience several spa water flavors, all of which I really enjoyed!  These flavors are listed below:  

Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list!  If you do a quick search online, you can find "recipes" for tons of different spa waters with such unique flavor combinations, and I'm sure they all produce a mini party in your mouth.  Don't bother purchasing a spa water book (tempting as it may be), because there are so many free ideas online.  When you drink these waters, you must keep in mind that you are not drinking a punch; do not expect the flavor to be as strong as your daily Kool-Aid.  Spa water provides a refreshing hint of flavor, leaving you wanting more.

How to Make Spa Water

Spa water is super easy to make.  I asked Eric, our waiter pretty much every day at Travaasa, how they make their spa water.  It's a part of his 6am restaurant-opening routine.  This is what he said:

By the time I was standing there chatting with him about 3 hours after he had made the water, the flavors had fully diffused and I got a little burst of refreshing cucumber-orange.  For one huge drink dispenser (the pretty glass ones that have a dispenser tab from the bottom that you use to serve large groups of people), they used what looked like just 1 large grapefruit coarsely cut into circular slices.  Couldn't be easier!  I think the trick to making sure you have enough flavor is to use quality fruit.  Don't expect your steroid-enhanced orange, which is mostly water instead of flavor, to give your the results you desire.

Once I get home, I can't wait to try out some more unique flavors, maybe even including some of my own herbs.  
Does anyone have any favorite spa water "recipes" or flavors to share?  

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