Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life's Lesson in Patience

Remember the other day when I said I needed to improve my patience, that impatience was a weakness of mine?  Well, life gave me a lesson in patience (jeez, Life, I didn't expect you to take me so seriously!).

A few days ago, a friend asked for my address and then told me I should be expecting something in the mail this week.  When I got an email yesterday at noon saying I had a package waiting for me, I was so excited!  I love getting mail!  The whole afternoon I couldn't wait to get home and open up my surprise.

I got back home at 6:20pm.  A woman was waiting at the front desk, and I asked her if our concierge was around.  She said she didn't know but that he must be in the bathroom because there was a sign on the desk saying so.  I explained that that sign is always there, and when they mean for people to see it, they move it forward and turn it around (it was sitting back on the desk, facing sideways).  Then, we realized that it was only Tuesday, and of course, Tuesday is pretty much the only day of the week that the concierge closes the desk at 6pm (other nights it's 9pm).

Well, that was a disappointment.

I started to get angry.  My whole afternoon was spent in anticipation, and now I would have to wait another whole day?! 

It was already starting to get dark out, and I needed to fit in a 2.5 run for my 8k training, so before I could think about it any more and harp on the fact that my package was sitting behind a locked door, begging for me to rescue it, I changed clothes, put on my hot pink Asics, and took off.  By the time I had finished my 3.14 mile run (I decided I could do more than 2.5 miles), I had burned off my impatience.

This morning, walking to campus, I realized that I got to spend another day in excitement, anticipating what my surprise may be.  This evening, I picked up 2 packages.  One for Nick (his new pair of Brooks so he can get back to running), and the other for... ME!!!

I ripped it open as soon as I walked into the door of my apartment.  I threw tape everywhere.  Poor Coco suffered from my tape throwing (see the video; sorry for the poor image quality, I took it with my phone).

And in the end, my wait was worth it.  I now have a beautiful hanger, reminding me of the power of patience.  Only 234 more days of patience until I get to marry the most wonderful man and become Mrs. Sarah Rooney.  I can't wait to use this hanger to hang my wedding dress!  A huge thank you to the ever-thoughtful, Lauren.  You are too kind!  I bet you didn't think this special gift would also be a part of a life lesson for me or turn into an inspiration for a blog post.      

Funny how Life always seems to know exactly what lesson you need when.

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