Saturday, September 15, 2012

Welcome to Spire!

Hello and welcome to Spire!  Spire is a blog dedicated to enriching the health and wellness of our lives, with an emphasis on fitness.  This blog grows from my personal love of these topics and interest in self-development.  I wanted to share the knowledge I gain and lessons I learn through this journey, and so this blog was born.

Why "Spire?"  

I chose the name "Spire" for two reasons.  First, as you can see in the title, -spire is the root for four important words: aSPIRE, inSPIRE, perSPIRE, and reSPIRE.  These four words are the themes of this blog.  "Aspire" refers to the journey of self-improvement and goal of reaching our full potential.  "Inspire" emphasizes our responsibility to inspire others.  "Perspire" acknowledges the sweat and effort we must put in (physically, mentally, spiritually) to gain and highlights the fitness aspect of this blog.  "Respire" is meant to remind us to breathe and live in the present moment.  

Secondly, I chose the name "Spire" for its definition:
spire [spahyuhr] noun, verb, spired, spir·ing
1. a tall, acutely pointed pyramidal roof or rooflike construction upon a tower, roof, etc.
2. a similar construction forming the upper part of a steeple.
3. a tapering, pointed part of something; a tall, sharp-pointed summit, peak, or the like: the distant spires of the mountains.
4. the highest point or summit of something: the spire of a hill;the spire of one's profession.
5. a sprout or shoot of a plant, as an acrospire of grain or ablade or spear of grass.
6. to shoot or rise into spirelike form; rise or extend to a height in the manner of a spire. 
(courtesy of 

The irony in the definition parallels each of our lives.  A "spire," as given in definition 4, is the highest point-- our fulfillment, our potential.  Definition 5 tells us that a spire is a sprout, the premature version of the plant's potential.  Each day, we are a combination of definition 4 and 5: we are at our potential and yet we can continue to grow if we nurture ourselves.  That is the essence of this blog: to spire, to be the best we can be.  

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